Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice


Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice is jasmine-scented long-grain rice made only in Thailand. Aside from its tempting aroma, this rice variety has a slight sweetness and stickiness that make it suitable for classic Thai recipes like green curry, pineapple fried rice, and mango sticky rice.

Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice

Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice is Thailand’s most famous and tasty rice; it is produced entirely of natural jasmine rice. It has a lovely scent and a delicate, soft taste that distinguish Thai cuisine. It’s an excellent side dish for a regular meal or lunch with family or friends.

Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice is a fragrant, long-grain rice that has been farmed for centuries in Thailand. It’s the ideal complement to any cuisine, especially one with an Asian flair! Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice is best prepared in a bamboo steamer or by boiling it in water. It cooks in approximately 15 minutes and has a light, fluffy texture. You can also create sushi or fried rice with it!

Jasmine Thai Hom Mali Rice

This type of rice has a high nutritional value because it contains an adequate amount of iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, and phosphorus (all important nutrients). It also contains vitamin B1, which helps maintain normal nerve function; vitamin B2, which promotes healthy skin; vitamin B3, which helps convert food into energy; vitamin B5 which maintains healthy skin cells; vitamin B6, which is necessary for metabolism; niacin, which helps make red blood cells; folate, which helps prevent birth defects; riboflavin which supports energy production; and thiamin, which helps convert food into


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