Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice

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Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice

Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice is a premium quality rice that is grown in Thailand. It is produced by Royal Umbrella on their own farms and mills.

The rice has been grown under the careful supervision of experienced farmers who know how to grow the best quality rice. They use traditional farming methods and only use natural fertilizers so as not to harm the environment or the soil.

The rice is then milled in a modern milling facility where it is polished to remove any impurities. This gives the rice a beautiful white color and makes it easy to cook with your favorite recipes. The jasmine aroma that comes from this type of rice makes it perfect for any dish, whether you are making fried rice or soup!

With a delicate and light aroma, royal umbrella Thai jasmine rice is a top choice for those who love to cook or eat. The rice has a long grain and cooks up soft and fluffy with individual grains that have a pleasant chew to them. It’s perfect for any dish you can imagine—from soups and stews to stir-fry dishes, even desserts!

This unique variety of rice grows in the cool climate of Thailand and has a nutty flavor with notes of honey, vanilla, and caramel when cooked. It has a light coloration with a creamy texture when cooked. The grains are long and tend to stick together when cooked so it is best to rinse the rice before cooking it if you want individual grains or to use a rice cooker rather than boiling it on the stovetop.


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